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ZZ 1567-75 XLH series

ZZ 1567-75 XLH-AUT-
High speed, cam controlled, fancy stitch longarm zig-zag machine, equipped with extra large hook, standard supplied with 2 cams. Extra: 18 optional cams. Equipped with automatic thread trimmer, back tack and presser foot lifter. (all electric)

ZZ 1567-75 P-XLH-AUT –
Same as ZZ 1567-75 AUT, however equipped with puller.

ZZ 1567-75 P-XH-XLH-AUT –
Same as ZZ 1567-75 P-AUT, but with higher working space: L x H = 750 x 183 mm.

These machines are standard delivered with cams 038 and 058. Other cams are optional