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Special Shoe Machines

Special shoe sewing machines

Global’s sewing machines program offers the option of creating production lines according to the type of shoe you want to produce. Many of the special shoe stitching machines can be used to produce a wide variety of shoes like:
• Sewing machines for sneakers;
• Sewing machines for goodyear welt;
• Sewing machines for Espadrilles;
• Sewing machines for children shoes;
• Sewing machines for slippers;
• Sewing machines for moccasin shoes;
• Sewing machines for safety shoes;
• Sewing machines for sidewall stitchers.

The SM 7777 Special shoe stitching machine is a double needle-feed of the arm machines specially designed for open and closed moccasin. This special moccasin sewing machine is cam-operated, giving you the option of sewing more than 12 different patterns. For the side wall stitching and sole stitching process, Global can offer different models depending on the shoe you are producing. For example, our Global SM 7555 NA Special kid’s shoe sewing machine is fitted with an extra small arm to fit smaller sized kids’ shoes.