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Used Industrial Sewing Machines

We keep a large stock of second hand industrial sewing machines and cutting equipment, which we can offer for great prices. Our inventory contains many leading brands and types, therefore have a look at a part of our inventory and let us know about your interest.

As we have more than 15.000 used industrial sewing machines in stock, it is unfortunately not possible to put each and every sewing machine on our website. So if you are looking for anything special, do not hesitate to contact our sales manager for used industrial sewing machines or other used equipment: Mr. Peter Schipper at

We mainly keep used machines brands like: Durkopp Adler, Pfaff, Rimoldi overlock and chain stitch machines, Juki many models of used lockstitch and chainstitch machines, Union Special various models, Brother bas and overlock sewing machines, Pegasus and Yamato chainstitch and used overlock machines, Mitsubishi PLK machines, Merrow used servers, Reece buttonhole machines, A large variety of Bonis fur sewing machines, Used Global industrial sewing machines various models, Singer any kind of sewing machines, Treasure Lewis and Yamato blind stitch sewing machines, Adler heavy duty commercial sewing machines