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your premier destination for industrial sewing machines worldwide. With a network of over 300 distributors all over the globe, we’ve dedicated ourselves to excellence in distribution for over 70 years.

Through the adoption of smart manufacturing techniques, our factories are achieving tighter tolerances, higher output rates, and improved product quality. This is a big transformation in our traditional industry, together with our partners.

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With advancements in digital design and fabrication technologies, future sewing machines will offer greater customization options, allowing users to create unique application, personalized manufacturing more closer to home 




The future of textile manufacturing promises a revolution driven by advanced technology and sustainable practices. Innovations such as 3D knitting, digital textile printing, and automated sewing is reshaping the industry, offering greater flexibility, customization, and efficiency.

With the rise of smart textiles embedded with sensors and electronics, garments will not only provide comfort and style but also functionality, such as health monitoring or climate control. Furthermore, advancements in materials science, including bio-based and recycled fibers, will contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly supply chain.

In the future, textile manufacturing will be characterized by decentralized production, enabled by technologies like automation production and on-demand manufacturing, reducing waste and transportation emissions. 

Overall, the future of textile manufacturing holds promises for a more sustainable, technologically advanced, and socially responsible industry that meets the evolving needs of consumers while minimizing its environmental footprint. 


From humble beginners as a dealer in used machinery, we’ve evolved into a powerhouse, proudly crafting our own brand, Global, including our esteemed Proline series, manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility. Nested in Haarlem, the Netherlands, our sprawling 12,000 m2 headquarters houses an extensive inventory of sewing machines and spare parts. Additionally, we hold exclusive distribution rights for several well-known brands and offer  modifications tailored to our clients’ needs.


Back in 1950, Jan de Vlieger, founder of IMCA, started collecting antique sewing machines and he has built up, together with the whole “De Vlieger” family one of the nicest collections of antique sewing machines. In 1990 the family decided to custom build a 240 m2  sewing machine museum for this unique collection, which gives this sewing machine collection the right place to be shown.

Finding history

Collecting antique sewing machines is like uncovering hidden treasures from the past. Each machine tells a unique story, showcasing the craftsmanship and innovation of its time. From intricate designs to mechanical marvels, these vintage beauties are both functional tools and pieces of art. With each find comes the thrill of discovery and the opportunity to preserve a piece of history for future generations to admire.

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