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Servo Motors

As the main European distributor of Ho Hsing motors, Global supplies customers not only with a state of the art motor for every brand of sewing machine, but also with the service customers need to have maximum performance from their sewing machines.

With our own Ho Hsing service department, Global can guarantee full after sales support, repair and provide you with all the information you need about the latest Ho Hsing technologies and updates.

To meet the demand for a cheaper, high quality energy saving motor with needle positioning,Ho Hsing introduced the G series that is sold all
over the world for many years now. With a wide range of parameters the G series can be set to drive your machine perfectly.
Available G series models:
G40-1: 400 Watt motor body for high speed lockstitch, overlock, blind stitch and normalinterlock.
G40-2: same as G40-1 but with output for PNEUMATIC presser foot lifter and needle cooling (motor run signal).
G60-1: 600 Watt motor body, because of the relative high torque the G-60 can be used on some heavier machines like light to medium weight walking foot machines.
G60-2: same as G60-1 but with output for PNEUMATIC presser foot lifter and needle cooling (motor run signal).
G60-1-NP: same as G60-1 only with speed potentiometer to limit the max. speed easily.
G75-2: same as G60-2 but with 750 Watt power (output for PNEUMATIC presser foot lifter and needle cooling / motor run signal). Not suitable for machines with a big handwheel like Global WF 9204 / 9205.
External synchro 700-1 comes as an option. 

Separate control box that can be used in combination with a 500,600 or 750 Watt mini motor.  By choosing the correct mini motor for your sewing machine application a wide variety of sewing machine models can be equipped with this control unit
(including direct drive). Operating panel C-200 (i60) or C300 (i70)is optional.

Available functions (depending on the control box model):

trimmer, wiper, tension release, presser foot lift, reverse,HP function, second stitch length, puller, material guide, photocell


Global, Dürkopp Adler, Brother, Juki,Mitsubishi and Pegasus.

Available i70 models: Dürkopp Adler (i70L) , Global, Brother, Mitsubishi, Pegasus (i70M), Juki.


i60 and i70 series work in combination with a separate mini motor. With the 500, 600 and 750 Watt models a wide range of sewing applications is covered. The mini motors for under the table are supplied including mounting 

bracket, V-belt cover and motor pulley.



This motor needs no further introduction, with its high torque and solid motor body i90M series supersedes the world wide famous HVP-90 series and is suitable to drive even heavy duty machines like Global WF 9204.
With its great variety of functions it can be used on a wide range of special sewing machine


Available models in 550 Watt: Brother, Juki.

Available models in 750 Watt: Global, Dürkopp Adler and Mitsubishi.


Low cost set of separate control box and 400 Watt motor body for simple automatic high speed lockstitch and chainstitch
A 600 Watt model is also available for light to medium weight walking foot machines and with functions like trimming, back tack and presserfoot lifter, IOT- system, the TD series is suitable to be used on a variety of machine brands and models.
Operating panel T-220 is optional available.
External synchronizer is optional, TD series can work with the built in Juki, Mitsubishi or Brother synchronizer or an external synchronizer.

With standard settings for Juki and Brother high speed lockstitch these models are ready to run after installation. Connectors are original Juki, Mitsubushi and Brother type.


HD40 Series is the replacement of the GD40 Series.

For less vibrations and smoother running of your
overlock machine, a direct drive mini motor is mounted
directly on the drive shaft of your overlock machine.
A separate HD40 control box is mounted under the
table. A special bracket that matches your machine
model is included in the set.

A presser foot can be lifted pneumatically and in
combination with a photocell the HD40 series can
control air suction at the beginning and at the end
of sewing (air saving) and control a tape cutter.

AC0001 – photocell NPN – adjustable sensitivity

AC0002 – standing operation pedal SOP-6H3 for Ho Hsing motor (6-pin plug incl. adapter cable for i70 series)

AC0003 – standing operation pedal SOP-8G for G series (4-pin plug)





With our own Ho Hsing department, Global can guarantee full after sales support, repairs, spare parts and provide you with all the information you need about the latest Ho Hsing technologies and updates.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the Ho Hsing servo motors or the industrial sewing machines.