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Specialistic Shoe Manufacturing Machines

Global has a long history in the shoe manufacturing industry. Over the last 20 years, Global has focused on creating a complete product line of specialist shoe manufacturing machines for a wide range of products in the shoe industry. Our special line of shoe sewing machines offer the perfect shoe manufacturing machines for every part in the production line. Like for instance the Pattern sewing machines, Post bed shoe sewing machines, Flatbed shoe sewing machines and Special shoe sewing machines. Our clients range from micro production to mass production factories making thousands of shoes daily.

Besides manufacturing machinery for shoes, global also offers shoe consultancy for upcoming factories. We examine how to improve your output of shoe manufactory and if necessary advise you on new machinery for the shoe production line and operational training for employees in the shoe factories.

Why choose Global shoe manufacturing machines?

  • High quality shoe sewing
  • For multifunctional shoe productions
  • Developed by Shoe Experts
  • Technical support when needed
  • Click here for our general catalogue for the shoe industry