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i70 series

i70 series

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Separate control box that can be used in combination with a 500, 600 or 750 Watt mini motor. By choosing the correct mini motor for your sewing machine application a wide variety of sewing machine models can be equipped with this control unit (including direct drive). Operating panel C300 (i70) is optional.

Available functions (depending on the control box model):
trimmer, wiper, tension release, presser foot lift, reverse, HP function, second stitch length, puller, material guide, photocell input, flip flop function and IOT-system.

i60 and i70 models use a separate speed control unit that can be installed in a random position under the table, therefore very convenient for long arm machines.

Available i70 models: Dürkopp Adler (i70L) , Global, Brother, Mitsubishi, Pegasus (i70M), Juki.

Mini motors for i60, i70 series:
i60 and i70 series work in combination with a separate mini motor. With the 500, 600 and 750 Watt models a wide
range of sewing applications is covered. The mini motors for under the table are supplied including mounting
bracket, V-belt cover and motor pulley.

Also a variety of direct drive models are available.

Full function control unit and speed control unit. Mini motor is not included.

i70M-4-11-220 – Mitsubishi model
i70M-4-7W-220 – Juki model
i70M-4-BR-220 – Brother model
i70L-4-ED-220 – for various Global & DA postbed models

Minimotors for i70 series:
MT0150 – Mini motor 500 Watt for under table mounting
MT0160 – Mini motor 600 Watt for under table mounting
MT0175 – Mini motor 750 Watt for under table mounting
MT0250 – Mini motor 500 Watt for direct drive machines (this motor is without bracket and has a built in synchronizer)
MT0260 – Mini motor 600 Watt for direct drive machines (this motor is without bracket and has a built in synchronizer)
MT0275 – Mini motor 750 Watt for direct drive machines (this motor is without bracket and has a built-in synchroniser)
MT0350 – Mini motor 500 Watt for Chain stitch machines (motor pulley 85) for under table mounting

Standard mini motor pulley size 75 mm




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In our 12,000 m2 headquarters in the Netherlands, we keep a large stock of sewing machines and spare parts and have a unique museum, which shows the history of the sewing machines over the last 180 years.

Global International BV is very proud of its own line of “Global” industrial sewing machines partially produced at our own facilities.

This sewing machine program contains over 400 different sewing machine types for the garment, automotive, leather and shoe industries. Global sewing machines stand for quality, durability and are always state of the art with the newest innovations in the branch!


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