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Strobel 444-2

Strobel 444-2

For downloads see our downloads page for the Strobel shoe machines.

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The new Strobel – Global cup seaming machine for stitching the insoles onto the shoe upper.
Comparing it with the conventional lasing method, the Strobel-Method enables you to save a significant amount of material.

The Strobel 444-2 machine is completely oil free, eliminating the risk of oil stains on your materials. A run-in lubrication with solid lubricant paste with a particularly low coefficient of friction is used. Meaning, lowest friction with highest load capacity.

More Key Features:

  • The machine can sew leathers or textiles up to 7mm thick.
  • Step motor with differential feed for up to 75% gathering, reducing rejected shoes, and furthermore, this ensures that the operators have to use less energy and force and the output remains more stable (gain up to 30% more output than with a regular, non programmable Strobel machine.
  • Store up to 99 programs, each with 4, 6, or 8 sections of gathering.
  • Intuitive full-colour touchscreen for easy programming.
  • Automatically saves pairs: program one shoe (left), and the other (right) is saved.
  • Program mode allows for working on pairs or individual left/right shoes.
  • Optional gathering device and second tension can be pre-programmed per section of the shoe for precise customization and optimal result.
  • Manual gathering is possible by foot pedal.
  • Redesigned front-cup for stitching Gore-Tex materials.
  • Several feed cups are available, making it suitable for a wide range of shoes.






Pre-programmable single thread overseaming machine for attaching insoles. Machine is equipped with step motor driven front cup for differential feeding, which ensures the feed cup and front cup work to the millimmeter. In addition, the programming of the differential allows this versatile machine to build in 10 different steps of up to 50 % of fullness into the seam as required. Extra gathering can be done by the optional pneumatic gathering system. This system ensures always having even results of the Strobel contruction.






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In our 12,000 m2 headquarters in the Netherlands, we keep a large stock of sewing machines and spare parts and have a unique museum, which shows the history of the sewing machines over the last 180 years.

Global International BV is very proud of its own line of “Global” industrial sewing machines partially produced at our own facilities.

This sewing machine program contains over 400 different sewing machine types for the garment, automotive, leather and shoe industries. Global sewing machines stand for quality, durability and are always state of the art with the newest innovations in the branch!


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